Book Indexing

My Background

   After teaching philosophy at the college level
   for ten years, I designed and documented a
   fully integrated five module accounting
   software package. I have written, edited,
   published and indexed (where appropriate)
   books, manuals, grants, instructional material,
   magazine and newspaper articles
   and poetry (unpublished).

   I have a B.A. from the University
   of Pennsylvania, and an M.A.
   and Ph.D. from Cornell University.

   As a child, I indexed
   ten years of National
   Geographic Magazine
   (on index cards) by
   subject, title, author,
   location and issue.
   I created a photographic
   catalog of my mother's
   collection of over 500 dolls,
   indexed by country of origin,   
   costume, height, hair
   color, eye color, source,
   and purchase price.
Nancy C. Gerth, Ph.D.
Thirty years experience organizing, presenting and mapping information.
President 2009-2010 Pacific Northwest Chapter American Society for Indexing
Curious to see what I look like? download my resume (.pdf)