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Indexes help sell books. Readers scan an index to see what the book is about. The science of indexing guarantees that indexes are thorough, elegant and easy to scan.

The art of indexing relies on experience with language and with how people think. Under what term will a reader choose to look in an index? Sometimes it is a word that does not even appear in the text! Very often, technical terminology counts. How many terms will they try, before they give up?

Use the space you have to give your readers a sense of what the book is about. Make it easy for them to find what they are after.

Nancy C. Gerth, Ph.D.
Thirty years experience organizing,
presenting and mapping information.
Past President Pacific Northwest Chapter
American Society for Indexing
for books published without them:
The Big Short
by Michael Lewis
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Nancy Gerth created an absolutely first-rate index for me. Although the book's subject matter was completely new to her, she learned fast and the result was an intelligent, complete, and accurate index that was delivered right on time. I'll definitely be back next time around.
Lawrence A. Babb